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Avina Novin Darman

Avina Novin Darman (Ltd) started its operation as a medical engineering company active in the field of medical devices and manufacturing specialized consumer goods in 2015 with the sole aim of improving both quantity and quality in the divisions of medical treatment and education on a global scale.

Presently, making practical and effective use of professional teams of young and enthusiastic engineers as well as marketing representatives and financial executives and administrators, Avina Novin Darman seeks the following aims:

  • Presenting and executing common projects of manufacturing specialized biomedical equipment (specialized consumer goods) with knowledge enterprises.   
  • Accepting orders of manufacturing parts or specialized medical equipment from healthcare centers or incorporations with the same objectives throughout the world.
  • Exporting and importing the specialized medical equipment
  • Presenting marketing services and selling the specialized medical equipment with the latest technology all over the country

With the help of valuable prior experience and increasing hard work we hope to take a step forward in the magnificent world of medical equipment.


Avina Novin Darman

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