Laparoscopic L-Hook / NIA-TEB Laparoscopic L-Hook

NIA-TEB Laparoscopic L-Hook
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This is the first Laparoscopic L-Hook designed and manufactured in IRAN

Lap L-Hook Instrument

  1. What is L-Hook?
  2. Indication
  3. Types
  4. NiaTeb L-Hook
  5. Features and benefits


What is L-HOOK?
The Laparoscopic Electrodes are electrosurgical devices used for a variety of laparoscopic procedures through a port for coagulation and transection of soft tissues and vessels by the use of high frequency electric current.
Features of Wire L-Hook:

  1. Made of integrated stainless steel 304 and coated by Polyethylene Thermophytes to transfer full energy from the generator to the tip of the L-Hook.
  2. Compatible to all pens cautery, no need of footswitch.
  3. Lightweight, ergonomic handle design allows precise controller tissue dissection.
  4. 5mm mono-polar Wire L-Hook electrode enables the precise controlled dissection and coagulation of vessels and tissues
  5. Convenient, single-use instrument ensures sterility and effective mono-polar current containment preventing adjacent site tissue burn.

Laparoscopic L-Hook is intended for use in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical procedures for coagulation, cauterizing and other manipulation of tissue and vessels during laparoscopic procedure.


Use in all minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical procedures such as

  • General Surgery         
  • Gynecology
  • Urology