15th International Congress of Women and Obstetrics of Iran

The event is scheduled to be held by the Iranian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Iran in Tehran from May 16, 1398. The conference will be informed via the Civillaca and the conference papers will be indexed in Civilica and the Consortium of National Content.

Topics Discussed at the Congress for Papers:

1-Breast Disorders
3-Fetal Medicine
4-Fertility and Sterility
5-Forensic Medicine
6-Gynecologic Endoscopy
7-Gynecologic Oncology
8-High Risk Pregnancy
9-High Risk Behavior Prevention
10-Imaging in Ob & Gyn
11-Modern Midwifery
12-Minimally invasive procedures
13-Ob & Gyn in Future
16-Professional Ethics & Rights
17-Pregnancy in Special Disorders
18-Childhood and adolescent gynecology
20-Reproductive Health & Rights
21-Reproductive Endocrinology
22-Screening Methods in OB&GYN
23-Sexual Disorders