How to use Me-Port trocar

Trocar Training

  • What is a Trocar?
  • Indications
  • Correct Placement of the Trocar
  • Types
  • Darya Trocar
  • Features and Benefits

What is a Trocar?

A surgical port that is made up of an obturator, a cannula, and a seal functions as a portal for the subsequent placement of other instruments.

Trocar Parts

  1. Obturator
  2. Cannula
  3. Upper cover
  4. Washer
  5. Guard
  6. Valve



  • Trocars are placed through the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery.
  • The trocar functions as a portal for the subsequent placement of other instruments, such as graspers, scissors, staplers, etc.

Surgery Types 

  • General lap Surgery
  • Gynecology lap Surgery
  • Thoracic lap Surgery
  • Urological lap Surgery

Correct Placement of the Trocar

  • Put a Verres needle into the body to enter CO2 gas
  • Pull the skin up
  • Enter the first trocar with a 45-degree angle
  • Insert the telescope into the body for proper vision to insert other trocars

Correct Placement of the Trocar

Dariya Trocar

  • The first and only reusable trocar producer in Iran
  • Manufacturing company Darya Danesh Barsava
  • The second generation and optimized trocar's produced from the latest technology in the world
  • Reusable trocar of PEEK*  polymer (Polyether ether ketone)
  • High resistance to chemical, electrical, thermal and amortization

The ability to sterilize in autoclaves.

  • Wings

Easy to insert and user friendly

  • Gas

90-degree circulation

  • Concentric circular ribs

Featuring low-end ribs to prevent damage to the peritoneum

  • Obturator

Shielded bladed

Protect internal organs timely entry into the body


Sterilization & stability